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Thrive: A personal and professional development network for students

The covid-19 pandemic has tremendously affected the social-wellbeing of our children. We plan to create a digital development network that will support our students currently while restoring hope for a successful future. Their futures are still bright.

For decades, Barbados’ education system has failed to provide the appropriate tools needed for all students to thrive. As a result, potential business owners and changemakers have succumbed to crime and deviance. Potential high-level executives have been stuck in unemployment and underemployment.

The covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the existing cracks within our education system. Students are crying out for help as they face a present world filled with uncertainty. Our children need hope.

It is our vision at Work Consultancy to see the people of developing countries thrive through the sustainable evolution of their professional, corporate and social sectors. Your contribution will help us create a sustainable development network to support the voiceless. Using comprehensive social impact measurements, we will provide equitable access to the resources needed for our secondary school students to thrive. Their futures are still bright.

Please note that we wish to launch this network in September 2022.

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