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The Awkward Transition into Work Phase

You know that fresh out of university, can’t wait to leave my mark on the workplace feeling? Or maybe you left another chapter of your life and you’re eager to see what the world of work has in store? You breathe a sigh of relief when that crucial chapter ends, and inhale hope for the future. You send out applications to every opportunity you see and it feels like forever waiting for the phone to ring or email to reach your inbox! Welcome to the awkward transition into work phase.

It was yesterday I was signing over a bank account to my name and the little box that asked for my employment status left me to ponder. Technically I am still a student until my degree is declared, and technically I have a freelance start up business. Realistically, I’m unemployed.

When my last assignment was submitted I felt like I could conquer the world and after the excitement of my birthday, I found myself just watching TV all day with my phone glued to my hands. I was fortunate enough to find some opportunities in my field and applied for them all. I did interviews, submitted assignments or completed practical tasks…yet here I am watching TV and exploring art.

I’ve never refreshed my inbox so much in my life! My thoughts are consumed by wanting the chance to show who I am and what I have to give. Quite frankly, my resume is my best friend and I’m slowly mastering the art of a persuasive cover letter.

The type of person I am, there is always something to be done. Maybe it’s me not knowing how to relax or my inner go getter is screaming for something to do. Many of us are at this phase; the job market is filled with so much uncertainty but never rule out hope. I am grateful for the down time I’m having right now, the time for myself is needed especially as the year continues to feel heavy. But that does not mean that I won’t make steps towards building my brand and finding ways to enhance my skills.

For those of you in this awkward phase, remember that it is just a phase. Nothing lasts forever, and if you can, try the following:

  1. Do not limit your vision to only seek full time employment. Do not limit yourself to your field of study, many sectors are suffering as a result of COVID-19. There are internships and part time positions becoming available that you can use to gain valuable experience and leave a mark.
  2. Online courses are excellent to help you grow during this time (hey, even add them to your resume)
  3. Think about how you can present yourself professionally online and contribute to meaningful discussion. LinkedIn is a great platform, since COVID-19 I’ve been using it more and I have no regrets! An emerging trend I found interesting came from my fellow guild councillors using their Instagram stories and Twitter to showcase their qualifications and skills accompanied by a business photo. Creative right?
  4. All opportunities are not given to us, we have the ability to create them ourselves!
  5. Keep reading, keep growing and always keep going.

Thank you TV for the company, but I have a brand to build!

Khrystal Walcott is a 21 year old writing and communication enthusiast. She is the proud creator of This is 20 blog and Khrystal Klaire Communications.

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