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Stop Sleeping on your Dreams – This Is 20

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re all staying safe and keeping your chins up in the midst of everything.

I recently finished the limited series Self Made on Netflix. It was enlightening to say the least, thus prompting today’s post. I’ve always loved Octavia Spencer’s acting and she was the main reason I decided to watch. It was the story of Madam C.J Walker, the first self-made millionaire in the USA, truly…truly inspiring.

In a time when women had no place besides being mothers, wives and cooks, she had a dream. She was put down by a mixed woman countless times for being black and not having the right look.

Yet through the financial struggles, patriarchy, a jealous…cheating husband and so many other trials, she made it.

Ok you ask, so what does that mean for me?

A lot of us have ideas and as much as we have wonderful ideas, we have reasons to leave them in our heads. It could be chasing a new career, starting a business even writing a book…the possibilities are endless. I can list the questions that run through your mind deterring you from writing a book:

Who will read it?

How long will it take to publish?

Will it stand out among the billions of books already existing?

But on the other hand…

Your name will be out there

It can contribute greatly to Caribbean literature

You use your voice and it makes a difference

Stop thinking of all the bad that can happen to a good idea. All the fear inside you will turn the brightest dreams into the darkest nightmares. Having recently taken the plunge (literally 2 days ago) starting Khrystal Klaire Communications, I know what you’re feeling. I have no idea where it will go…but at least I’m in the driver’s seat.

And forget people! Everyone is battling their own demons and the thought of you doing what they can’t or won’t makes them quiver.

They will say you don’t have the right look, you’re out of place, you’re too ambitious….

Stop sleeping on your dreams

So many before us have paved the way for you to succeed

Please don’t disappoint them.

Khrystal Walcott is a 20-year-old Barbadian with a passion for writing and communication. She is the owner of This is 20 blog. This is 20 is a space to enlighten and inspire 20 somethings as we navigate these uncharted waters.

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