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Barbados 2022 Social Services and Hotlines (Covid-19)

We are truly touched by the emotional and physical hardships faced by many Barbadians as the world struggles to combat the effects of the coronavirus. In our efforts to help disseminate beneficial information to those in need, kindly see below a list of social services and hotlines for persons needing assistance in the areas of mental health, domestic abuse, human trafficking and more. We are happy to have partnered with the Barbados Association of Professional Social Workers, the UWI Cavehill Institute for Gender & Development Studies and Advocates Against Domestic Abuse to bring you this information. It will be updated as necessary.

Domestic Violence / Gender-Based Violence

BPW Crisis Centre
24 Hour Hotline
435-8222 / 253-5071 (mobile) / 232-8476 (mobile)
Texts and Whatsapp messages are welcomed

This Crisis Centre is currently assisting persons in the areas of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, suicide, individual and group counselling education sessions. Both men and women can call.

Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs
24 Hour Helpline

In the case of child abuse or child protection emergencies contact the Child Care Board 256-9662 and the Police at 211.

Hotline for Muslim Women
24 Hour Support Hotline
234-9709 / 231-1069

Advocates Against Domestic Abuse
24 Hour Hotline
Facebook – Advocates Against Domestic Abuse
Email –

Business and Professional Women’s Club

Emergency shelter for women and children

Child Care Board

Barbados Association of Professional Social Workers

Bureau of Gender Affairs

Child Guidance Clinic


Family Conflict Unit

Human Trafficking Sexual Offenses Unit

None in Three
Research, data and other relevant information on Gender-Based Violence in Barbados and Grenda

Soroptimist International of Barbados

Legal services and survivor support

Women of Purpose Ministries

Aftercare support, referrals

Counselling Services

Step by Step Counselling Interventions
Online Counselling

Barbados Family Planning Association
426-2027 / 230-1321

Reproductive health services and counselling services (including couples counselling)

Supreme Counselling
538-9769 / 538-9770

Mental Health Resources for Adolescents

Ministry of Education
Hotline support and referral services are offered online and over the telephone. Call 535-0853

Mental Health Crisis 24 hour Hotline. Call 264-7151

If you know a child under 18 years who needs help; who needs counselling, a problem sorted; who is hungry, abused or neglected, who has no device or no opportunity to participate in online classes, call/ message the FM-H SLCT 24 hour Helpline.
Whatsapp messages to 266-3644 or Call 537-3644

Emergency Services

Police 211
Ambulance 511
Barbados Fire Service 311
COVID-19 Hotline 536-4500
Queen Elizabeth Hospital 436-6450 / 536-4800
Psychiatric Hospital-Assessment Unit 536-3092


Barbados Water Authority 836-4900 / 836-4766 / 8364655 / 836-4683
Barbados Light and Power 626-9000

Other Social Services

Welfare Department 535-1023
Verdun House 433-3488
Sanitation Service Authority 535-5006
Probation Department 536-0400
National Insurance Scheme 430-7400 / 467-4647
National HIV/AIDS Dept. 535-1701
National Disabilities Unit 535-3600
National Council on Substance Abuse 429-6272
National Assistance Board 535-3131
Ministry of Youth and Community Empowerment 535-3835
Ministry of People Empowerment & Elder Affairs 536-4673
Marina House 433-6577
Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness 538-2480 / 230-7291
Juvenile Liaison Scheme 430-7635
Household Mitigation Unit 832-0092 / 832-1171 / 535-5366
Government Industrial School – Girls 535-9500 Boys 535-9530
FM-H Sandy Lane Charitable Trust Hotline 266-3644
Family Thrift Unit-Psychiatric Hospital 536-3127
Community Development Department 535-1650
AC. Graham Development Centre 427-9514

If persons wish to suggest edits to this list, feel free to contact us at

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