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Attaining Professional Development In 2021

We all want to find a career we love and excel in our field; professional development is one component that can assist us with that. 

Professional Development is a process of creating, retaining, and improving your knowledge and skills. It helps you plan your development, evaluate what know and assess how effective you are as a worker.

Jobs require different skills and even if you do possess the necessary skills for your field, you may still need additional skills in the future. By engaging in professional development, you can learn the skills you need to become a better and more effective worker. 

Professional development can include on the job training, college or university courses, online training programmes, specialized industry certification, career coaching, mentoring and any other form of training designed to help you succeed in your career. 

This is how professional development can benefit persons at every level:

New Graduates

College and University do not teach you everything you need to know. While some fields require practical training, others do not. Even if you have studied a discipline that provided a practical component; many programmes no longer keep pace with the rapidly changing labour force. 

Graduates are often trained for jobs that no longer exist or they do not have the right skills for the jobs they desire. There is a widening skills gap, but the good news is you can bridge the skills gap yourself. 


As an entry-level employee, you can pursue your passions by growing your technical skills. While learning new skills take time and dedication on your part, engaging in professional development can cement you as a valuable employee and help with career advancement.

Mid-level Management

Your position can become comfortable and predictable, and lead to stagnation in your career growth. Having a mentor and utilizing professional development can reignite your passion and help you to find satisfaction in your work. It also can propel you to a new field or allow career advancement. 

Upper Management

Engaging in professional development as a leader can be a benefit to not only you but the employees you lead. Keeping abreast of the growing trends in your industry and learning new management skills can advance the human development of your team and secure your role with the organization or create new opportunities due to your qualifications and experience. 

At WORK Consultancy we offer a Professional Development Programme. As part of our package, we host weekly We Connect sessions where experienced professionals share a wealth of knowledge on varying topics. This helps prepare participants for employment, career changes and upskilling that aids in their professional development. These sessions are available to our registered mentors, employers, and prospective employees. 

Along with access to the We Connect sessions; our clients receive unlimited access to our Resources page to jump-start their professional development. They also receive a mentor from our WORK-Mentor Programme who is able to help them navigate their current or future career. We have received rave reviews from members who have participated and recognize the value of the programme. 

Click here to kick start your professional development journey!

Written by Faith Chukwuka | Marketing and Communications Coordinator 

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