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Only Human – This Is 20

“It was not until my body finally shut down and my anxiety flared up that I was forced to swallow an obvious but bitter pill. I’m human.”

I hate being tired, when I could rattle off a list of things I have to do

I hate being sluggish, when it takes an hour to complete a 20-minute task

I hate not being motivated, when it’s all that stands between me and my specific goals

There are so many things that can set you back from where your mind wants to be. Basic human functions like needing sleep, needing a break or needing to regroup; but when they come at an inconvenient time…I hate it!!

If you’re like me you like to be productive, you feel fulfilled when you tick the last box on your to do list, complete an assignment way before it’s due or play a critical role in the successful execution of an extracurricular activity. However, when none of these things happen according to plan…the whole world around me crumbles, it seems as if life is about to fall apart because I wasted time being tired or searching for motivation in quotes from Google.

Every week last semester I made a to do list and to be honest, most weeks I didn’t complete half of the tasks. But I was going, I was all over and persons around me saw my “productivity.” But to me I wasn’t doing well enough. When I was tired it was hard to nap because my brain created its own graphs and tables listing all the things I could be doing…rather than sleeping. It was not until my body finally shut down and my anxiety flared up that I was forced to swallow an obvious but bitter pill. I’m human.

As Generation Z or Millennials, the world around us spins, there is never enough time to get things done. Leaving procrastination way aside because well….we all are guilty of it…we tend to push the boundaries of our bodies, ignore the warning signs and proceed to move as if we’re super human. Wouldn’t it be nice to just get what you need to do done without feeling tired, getting distracted or losing motivation?

What’s worse is the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed. It’s as if there’s a gun to our heads forcing us to say “I need to be on Dean’s List this semester, I need to do this for my parents or they’ll be disappointed, I need to get this promotion I’ve been stuck where I am for too long.”

Apply pressure to increase motivation, but ease up when it impacts your mental health.

It sucks being a perfectionist who likes to sleep but it would suck more to be battling health issues after achieving everything I’ve always wanted…you feel me?

You only have one body…don’t hurt it in pursuit of your goals. You may be young but you’re not invincible.

Slow down

Take a breath


Spend time alone

Break down your tasks with realistic deadlines


Do something you love to keep you in touch with yourself

You may be young but you’re not invincible

Khrystal Walcott is a 20-year-old Barbadian with a passion for writing and communication. She is the owner of This is 20 blog. This is 20 is a space to enlighten and inspire 20 somethings as we navigate these uncharted waters.

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