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Inspiration – Kineta Blackman

I like being inspired, but it doesn’t happen very often for me which I think is unfortunate. I think it’s great to be inspired especially to create because I believe creativity is what we’re going to need in the coming years to get us making a difference and improving life as we know it today.

Here are three ways that I have been inspired lately.

  1. Podcasts. 
    Podcasts can be very informative and entertaining. They are great to listen to when you are on the move.

    You can find a podcast on almost any subject you can think of. If you haven’t listened to a podcast yet, why not give it a try?

    Just remember as with most things there is good and bad out there so search carefully and you’ll be sure to find some good stuff to listen to.

  1. Designers. 
    I know. I know. There are so many different kinds of designers! But you know what? I like all the different categories there are.

    I’m fascinated by how they use their skills to solve various problems their clients have. I’m often blown away by the way they think and the ideas and solutions they come up with.

    It’s just amazing watching them work and of course we often enjoy the finished product.

  1. Bloggers. 
    They make up a group of people I wanted to be a part of for a while now. They keep ‘sounding their voice’ online in spite of all the challenges.

    Some have even been able to make a living from it. Bloggers are one determined set of people. As Bernard Shaw said, “People who say it can’t be done should not interrupt the ones doing it.”

So what has been inspiring you lately?

Written by Kineta Blackman | | Instagram: @kinetab | LinkedIn: | Barbados

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