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Have You Considered These Job Hunting Tips?

What makes you stand out?
“I am a hardworking and dedicated individual…” sounds familiar? If that statement resonates
with you then it probably resonates with over 5,000 Barbadians as well. In your cover letter,
consider highlighting how your skills make you a suitable candidate for the position. And, if you
can share at least one example of those skills in action, that’s a plus!

Are you the right candidate?
I know it’s hard right now and you may want to apply for every available position. However, you
will increase your chances of receiving employment if you apply strategically. Consider
examining each job vacancy carefully. Do you possess any of the required skills? If you do,
ensure they are listed on your CV and referenced in your cover letter. This shows employers
that you meet the criteria for the job.

Are you utilising your resources?
Due to the pandemic, many persons are unemployed. Therefore, there is no shame in asking
family members or friends to keep an eye out for vacancies. Additionally, have you connected
with organisations on social media that share tips? You don’t have to do it alone when persons
are there to help.

How often are you applying?
Consider applying to new vacancies every week. Rejection can be frustrating but you can only
be selected if you apply. An accountability partner or job hunting buddy can offer support to you
throughout this process to ensure you are continuously applying for new opportunities.

Use these tips to enhance your job-hunting journey. Feel free to send me a message and let me know how it goes!

By Britney Sealy | Founder and CEO at WORK Consultancy Inc.

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