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Finding Your Footing In 2021

The year 2021 has not started the way any of us in Barbados or even the Caribbean would have expected. While many of us foresaw a return to freedom, it certainly hasn’t happened. I now feel like a prisoner, with the limits to movement and having to spend endless hours indoors.

When the update came at first, I felt panicked, then frustrated and helpless. I don’t have control over the “pause”, however, I do have control over myself.  I took the time to look back at my 2020 goals, crossed off what I had achieved and rededicate myself to completing the ones within my control.

Noting what is within my control was essential; otherwise, I would spend another year being disappointed. The first thing I wanted to complete was self-introspection. While I had done it at the beginning of 2020, it is still a continual process. I realized that I hadn’t met one key goal for 2020; that was effective time management.

Most days, despite all my good intentions, I never complete all of what I plan to do. I also recognized that I unintentionally dwell on past mistakes, and it eventually leads to negative thoughts.

Although I found some negative things about myself, in my introspection; I found out some good attributes as well.  I realized that I’m intrinsically motivated, and I prioritize personal and professional development. I also recognized, that through my self-development efforts the previous year, I achieved some of my personal goals at the beginning of 2021.

Everything takes time and effort! Not all of us have the same skillsets or even outlook on life. What we all have is time, this very moment, and opportunities. We can’t control 2021, but we can control, how we choose to view the year ahead, the decisions we make, how we spend our time and what we choose to invest it in.

For me, I’m investing in learning to manage my time more effectively. Notion and Asana are two apps that have recently been introduced to me which make organizing my days and prioritizing my tasks simpler. I have started thinking about what I’m grateful for, and what I want to accomplish instead of dwelling on the past; it has improved how I feel each day.

I pushed myself extremely hard last year, leaving little room for relaxation or enjoyment. What eventually happened was I felt tired and moody all the time. Imagine studying nonstop, then being so focused on job hunting and all of life’s other responsibilities that you didn’t watch television or listen to the radio.  That was me, then late last year I travelled and ended up in quarantine.

I became stuck in my apartment with a laptop, cell phone, television, radio, and a camera. I started binging on Netflix, catching up on series, listening to my favourite DJ and taking photos. I felt like a different person by the time I left quarantine. I was relaxed, optimistic about life and most of all, I learned to enjoy myself again.

Investing time to get to know me and working on professional development has paid off. Looking at my small victories inspires me to keep going. The process, as simple as it may appear, has allowed me to find my footing.

I encourage you to take stock of yourself by doing some introspection, evaluating your goals, what you have achieved, what you still need to, and do it with grace. Accepting what you cannot control and effectively controlling what you can, will help you find your footing.

Written by Faith Chukwuka | Marketing and Communications Coordinator  

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